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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our product and services.

How does it work?

North automates and manages your AWS rate optimization as a monthly subscription service. This allows customers to experience the ease of group buying, flexible discounts with zero-touch cost optimization.

Can’t I buy savings plans from AWS?

Sure. However with North you enjoy 3 year rates with on-demand like flexibility. All with peace of mind that your cloud FinOps is automated with AI, not spreadsheets.

Are you guys just another RI broker?

We are proud to say we are not. While there are many fine companies that will buy and sell RIs on the AWS marketplace for you, we have seen that there are massive short comings with this business model. Including: lack of change speed, flexibility, and low effective savings rates. North uses the most modern savings mechanism in the Public Cloud; AWS Savings Plans. Our customers are in the top 1% of AWS savers, and spend zero time managing it.

What happens if I need to cancel my subscription?

We would be sad to see you go, but would abide. Customers can cancel any time, we don’t believe in locking anyone into long term contracts. If you don’t find value in our service any longer then we don't deserve your business. It's that simple.

I have an EDP, does this complicate using North?

North supports EDP customers just as well. We can support consolidated billing, but often customers choose to keep their billing direct with AWS, which is ok with us.

Easy pricing. No hidden fees.

North automates your cloud savings as a subscription-based service while unlocking the best multi-year discount rates, with no contracts nor commitments. Only pay when you save.

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